How mainstream media help weaponize far-right conspiracy theories

Are there invisible forces at work? by Heather Woods and Leslie Hahner Conversation Nov 30. 2018 Once an anti-Semitic rumor moved from fringe to the mainstream, it took less than two weeks for violence to erupt. The false allegation that liberal philanthropist George Soros was funding or supporting a caravan of Honduran refugees heading to the U.S. … Continue reading How mainstream media help weaponize far-right conspiracy theories

A Better Bailout was Possible

The Obama administration’s refusal to write down mortgage debts led to the rise of Trump George Soros and Rob Johnson reflect on the economic, political, and social ripple effects of the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The recent exchange between Joe Stiglitz and Larry Summers about “secular stagnation” and its relation to the tepid … Continue reading A Better Bailout was Possible

The Capitalist Threat

The Capitalist Threat What kind of society do we want? "Let the free market decide!" is the often-heard response. That response, a prominent capitalist argues, undermines the very values on which open and democratic societies depend. GEORGE SOROSFEBRUARY 1997 ISSUE IN The Philosophy of History, Hegel discerned a disturbing historical pattern -- the crack and … Continue reading The Capitalist Threat

George Soros’ Philosophy

In a stunning display of ignorance, yours truly discovered George Soros has these charitable foundations called "Open Society." Was trying to lock down a website domain for, and discovered there had been lawsuit about this already. Soros' name kept popping up when I googled. I had heard of Soros, but didn't know a thing about … Continue reading George Soros’ Philosophy