How to End Gun Violence

I know how to end gun violence in the US immediately:

by O Society August 7, 2019


*Buy every single African American male in the United States membership in the National Rifle Association.*

The NRA organization could not survive without its all-white constituency; hence, it would fold. The madness would end. We could have responsible gun ownership laws and society without these ammo peddlers and their Smith and Wesson lobbyists paying the politicians to look the other way while they poison people’s minds with a New Civil War.

king of the hill

America’s Original Sin: Trumpets Revive Belief in a ‘White Man’s Country’

Done. We all know it’s true.

If We Want Kids to Stop Killing, the Adults Have to Stop, Too

National African American Gun Association

African-American Gun Rights Group Grows In The Age Of Trump

American Fascist X

7 Stages of Gun Violence

Clenched Fist of Truth

NRA TV asks: Are white people going to be victims of racial violence?

How American Mass Media Poisons Us with Hate

White Replacement Story Aided by Mainstream Media

How the ‘good guy with a gun’ became a deadly American fantasy

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