American Fascist X

by O Society July 30, 2019

Two or three years ago, things just got different. You know what I mean. Trying to make sense of it all (like everybody else I suppose) led me to the realization all of this is but the manifestation of a hungry hankering for a helping of authoritarianism.

That’s right. You’d think people would run like hell from authoritarianism, but no, indeed some folks like it. Turns out, right now there’s an awful lot of folks who like it.

The Rise of American Authoritarianism

This hankering for a hunk of authoritarianism is what distinguishes a specific sub-species of the human race we are all familiar with from everybody else…


Correct. The Trumpets. As in TrumPets, Pets of Trump. They love this authoritarianism stuff, though you might not hear them call it that. They’re much more likely to use an idiom such as “Spare the rod; spoil the child” which is a bastardization of this Proverb, but don’t tell them that. You see, they’re always right even – and especially when – they are wrong.

It’s the appeal to authority.

It’s true because I read it in the NYTimes this morning is an appeal to authority.

It’s true because I saw it on FoxNews last nite is an appeal to authority.

It’s true because the Pope said so at mass is an appeal to authority.

It’s true because Richard Dawkins wrote it in a book is an appeal to authority.

Problem is “both sides” do it and yet both sides only blame “the other side” for doing it while congratulating themselves for doing it.

The more we rely on the appeal to authority, the deeper our world dives into authoritarianism. We keep digging the hole deeper every time someone says, “My dad can beat up your dad.” But we don’t stop digging the hole, do we? Why?

Some people like authoritarianism. Sounds crazy, but its true. Very true. Especially right now in America. Anytime anyone anywhere says, “Because I said so” this is an appeal to authority.

It’s caveman stuff. Fight-or-flight-or-freeze response. The shit hits the fan, so what do you do? Why you turn to the strongest meanest caveman with the most testosterone and biggest club to protect you. The Daddy figure. The Pope is the Holy Father. Trump is the Troll Daddy.


The key to making authoritarianism work is scaring people. TERROR! Making them angry. If you get folks scared, then they need Troll Daddy to save them. This is where decades of FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh, and InfoWars become setting the white diningroom table for a fascist buffet.


When folks are angry, no worries, Troll Daddy is here to fix it. Daddy will get those social justice warrior tree hugging homo Nazi Communist negro chinamen for you, just wait’n’see!

This is why reasoning with these people doesn’t do any good. They weren’t reasoned into these beliefs in the first place; they were scared into them.

For more on this special breed of person, check out the Conservative Moral Hierarchy  series and really butthurt some feelings.


It’s not like anyone is stoopid enough to believe TV preachers are real, right?


About this time, I read  Eco’s 14 Points of Fascism. Two or three years ago. But you know how it is. We called Dubya a fascist and Obama a socialist and none of it is really real, is it? It’s just WWF wrasslin’ mudslinging bullshit, right?

This one’s a “Kenyan Muslim” even though he isn’t.

Trump finally admits it: ‘President Barack Obama was born in the United States’

That one runs a Satanic pedophile ring on Mars. No seriously.

It’s become the boy who cried “Wolf!” You call me a “Nazi” and I call you a “Communist” and neither of us has any idea what a real fascist or socialist actually is, which is completely irrelevant, just because this is how the game is played. It’s fun and entertaining… or something.

Even Uncle George says these words were “degraded to the level of a swearword” way back in 1944:

Time to use the “F” word

Lemme tell ya, our understanding hasn’t gotten any clearer since Uncle George’s day. So when someone calls Donald Trump a “fascist,” we just sort of nod and whatever, what do you expect? Except what if this time there really is a wolf?

No, I don’t mean Donald Trump is a fascist. Hitler was a sincere, dedicated ideologue. Trump isn’t. He has no known ideology, other than ‘me.’ Without an ideology, Trump can’t be a fascist, because fascism is an ideology. Narcissism isn’t, not even the flaming lookit me narcissism Trump displays.

But this doesn’t mean his Trumpets aren’t fascists, does it? What if they are? Fascists?

I mean real ones. Real fascists. Not just a couple of ’em or some of ’em but rather most or even all of ’em? Don’t kid yourself, it not only can happen here, because it did happen here. Just lookit Madison Square Garden…

So I re-read Eco’s take on fascism to help me figure this out, and it is clear now. See, Eco grew up in Mussolini’s Italy. He observed it happening just as we are observing Trumpets in America now.

It is striking how he calls out syncretism – a little of this and a little of that – which at the end of the day cannot be other than internally inconsistent. So when reasonable people – such as you and I – who aren’t part of the Trumpet cult see these glaring inconsistencies in Trump’s rhetoric and focus on them, we miss the point.

Donald Trump took 5 different positions on abortion in 3 days

It’s inconsistent on purpose. A Trumpet demonstrates his loyalty to the Great Leader precisely because he publicly announces his belief in the inconsistent. WWF Wrassling is to real! This is authoritarianism.

Want me to prove my loyalty? I’ll signal my virtue right here online for everyone to see! I have Trumpet virtue. I’ll take one for the team by stating my obviously ridiculous belief in something stoopid such as “global warming is a Chinese hoax” because Trump told me to. See? Proof. Right here.

It just seems like it’s straight out of a comic book, man!

People who point out inconsistencies to a Trumpet simply announce “I am not part of the group!” when we do so. Lies are weaponized now, which means not only is one not heckled for publicly stating belief in obvious lies – e.g., vaccines cause autism, the moon landing was faked, the Holocaust did not happen, the Earth is flat, ad nauseam – the group actually rewards such behavior.  Of course it’s irrational, so what?

Who wants to be Jerry from New Castle, Pennsylvania when you can be some Aryan mythology dude? Much more fun this way, and it comes with a shield!


When White supremacists LARP their way into murder

We cannot reason these people out of their Trumpet beliefs because they were not reasoned into these beliefs in the first place. Instead, they operate on a visceral gut level. Thinking is bad. What is good is action. To hell with deliberation and consideration, the mob values bombing the shit out of people and locking her up.


See the guy with the red “D” for Dummkopf? He drove the murdermobile in the Charlottesville 500. Now That’s Action!


Try and talk them out of it. No seriously. Try. I have. Blockheads is what they are.

If someone begins to say things like “it boggles the mind” and “cultural Marxism” just to prove how smart they are and how stupid you are, or something… you know you’ve found one of ’em.


We’re talking about people who actually welcome Armageddon, the Apocalypse, the Anti-Christ. Ummm… if wanting to blow up the world doesn’t qualify as crazy – as in you know, thinking killing every living thing on the planet is a good idea – not sure there is a definition of sanity you and I can agree on, my friend.

Anthropocene: Donald Trump and the Cult of Rapture


If you are an individual alone in the world, none of these social things make sense. But just add people and BOOM! instant booger-eating buffoon.

To a Trumpet who wants to identify with a group and who seeks social status, these emotions and the fascist sensory experience which carries them mean everything.

Yes, indeed the Fearless Leader is batshit crazy and everyone knows it. And now we all know how we got here too, because authoritarian-loving fascist American citizens like it this way. Sound familiar?

Mmm hmm…


8 thoughts on “American Fascist X

  1. امرأة Псалом хвалебный Arabic Women 6.1.6.Воcкликните Господу, вся земля! امرأة 99:4 says:

    We in Europe actually admire Trump as a last resort against European Fascism.

    I am sorry to ask a stupid question, but have you EVER been to Europe ?
    If yes, WHEN ?
    Because it turnt out worst that Gitlers Germany dude.

    God Bless Trump 3 times. 1 for Normandy, 1 for USA, 1 for France.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Trump is a hole. There’s nothing there so he appears to be different things to different people. He doesn’t scare me. Trump is nothing. Literally.

    What scares me is his followers. They project all sorts of nonsense. You cannot reason with people who intentionally believe irrational things.


  3. the only exact problem is the confusion, from which certain many people suffer: Which we can sadly see by this long nickname dude right here, who calls “trump” a “resort” “against” fascism –

    that confused, surely young poster, then comes with the illusive and unfitting term “europe”, LOL, in a quite patchwork-manner, LOL, spewing that term “european” into the text rather wildly, as in, personally-subjectively, but knowing NOTHING about politics —

    ONE country is irrelevant. Globalism alone is relevant. Namely against undue type of exploitation.

    trump is a militarism-furtherer, but himself a coward, and someone with NO worldview, no oversight, and no justice.

    … That other “commentator”, who is a tad confused, LOL, has no oversight either, exactly, is apparently not originally european, but from Russia. 🙂 I am not racist, simply. Yet, interesting is, what sorts of People ARE anyhow NOT sufficiently informed, – and those ARE a WIDE range of People – integrated or not, in several spheres of society, such as academy, but also the “open, wide” field, “main big” sphere of society – INCLUDING of course many Foreigners, who were left apart of ANY Education, and who thusly end up in a false view, a ghetto-like, narrow-minded view, that borders on the fanatic – and IS simply NOT informed, an incomplete view, not able, to sanely objectively bejudge ANYTHING —

    such as the easily seeable, concludeable-to fact, that TRUMP is a NITWIT — LOL, that’s SO easy to see.

    Yet not for confused, apparently somehow mentally challenged People, who are endeffectively rightwing, – too dumb, to see thru the CONSTANT lies OF the mainstream bourgeouis PRESS, simply — and LIKE the anti-Assangers, these pro-trumpsters are driven INTO racism — simply thusly. Driven into it BY the press — that lulls repetitively PRO-“economic”, senseless phrases — too many People ARE ANYWAY too dumb, to see through those lies —

    thusly, politics, thusly, humanity suffers.


  4. It’s probably a bot. The algorithm can say enough relevant buzzwords and emotional gobbledygook to pass for human in most places these days. Which tells us a great deal about the state of things.


  5. Gizmo clocks it at 6 minutes. Takes a bit longer longer if one watches the suggested video.

    Any time spent on fascism is a waste really. We as a species learned back in the and ’40s fascism leads to some of the deadest ends and most terrible places imaginable. I can’t believe extant people actually want to dabble in this shit again, but I guess some people are so stupid as to be beyond correction. Sad statement on humanity really.


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