What happens if Mueller comes up empty?

Neither liberals nor conservatives have adequately considered this prospect. They should.

6 thoughts on “What happens if Mueller comes up empty?

  1. “Won’t this also vindicate Trump? It will not. At most, it will establish that he is probably not a criminal — at least so far as Russian election meddling is concerned.” And I suppose that it also won’t prove that the entire investigation was purely partisan in origin? Nor that much of what the political class spends its time and our money doing has very little to do with the interests of the greater number? Yet both are true. Which makes the whole psychodrama that much more of a waste. Not to mention the damage it’s done to the USA’s credibility. The Shining City on a Hill is more like a stinking cesspool in a garbage dump.

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  2. I would go even further. Trump deserves to be investigated. He’s a crook. Thing is, when Russiagate comes up empty, not only will it show the “Putin puppet” narrative is nonsense invented by Clinton and Brennan, it will make a martyr out of Trump, just as impeachment made a martyr out of Bill Clinton. If the Democratic party impeaches Trump over Russian “treason” or “collusion,” it will backfire and Trump will win a second term in 2020.



  3. The other major problem with the Russiagate investigation is it starts putting rats in traps. Make no mistake, Trump is batshit crazy. He only cares about himself. Therefore, the rat will take everyone else down if necessary to save himself.

    Look at the current government shutdown. What’s that about? That’s about Democrats taking control of the house, being able to start impeachment proceedings, and Trump letting everyone know loud and clear he’ll blow up the government, foreign countries, whatever it takes to save himself.

    The folks who tell you Trump will “go quietly like Nixon” are idiots. They’ll get us all killed. Trump will drop bombs – both figurative ones and literal ones – when they corner him. Shutting down the government is foreplay. Climate crisis, nuclear war, staging terrorists attacks, pretending there are “emergencies” or better yet orchestrating them.

    It’s all coming, thanks to the soap opera story we’ve been sold. This is all right up there on the scale of shit hitting the fan with 9/11 and the weapons of mass destruction. This way leads lies and death.

    Let the rat stay in office until 2020. Then have an election and get rid of him. That’s what I would do. The only way to for America to get Trump to leave office is the military turns on him in a coup and/or a kook assassinates him. That, or he has a Big Mac coronary. Trump isn’t going to resign like Nixon because when they turn up the heat, Trump will continually double down, intentionally escalating and making the problem worse.



    1. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen people suffering from TDS advocating a military takeover. It would prove the framers of Posse Comitatus right, wouldn’t it? As the old saying goes, “be careful what you wish for…” Or do you think the American brand of democracy is robust enough to survive one?


      1. Perhaps a misunderstanding. I am *not* advocating a military coup, a civil war, assassinating Trump, none of that stuff. I am not calling for any of it. That is a misunderstanding.

        I am saying Trump isn’t going to go quietly and without taking everyone he can with him.

        Therefore, a violent outcome is probably the only way to get Trump out of office before his 4 year term is up. I cannot see him just doing the perp walk and that being the end of it. It’s going to get much messier than that.



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